Mykelle Walton is an aerial artist & event specialist based in Boise, Idaho.

Her main pursuits include creating one-of-a-kind shows -- creatively using devised theatre and idea-centered thinking to produce her events. She is also known for pushing the boundaries of what the human body can do and combining it with the strength, grace, and artistry of a cirque style aerialist to create experiences about the questions of life, philosophy, and physics. And has been sought out as a gymnastic and acrobatic coach in Idaho.  

She has been an acrobat for over 25 years and has always been addicted to hanging from anything that she can get her hands on. After her career as a level 10 gymnast, Mykelle picked up aerial arts as a full-time passion in 2014, and has performed professionally since 2015. She currently holds the aerial champion title at the Reno Aerial and Dance Festival.

She has been coaching gymnastics for over a decade and aerial for three years. She enjoys sharing her passion with other movers around the world.

Mykelle has been the producer or a creator of & technical director for dozens shows and events including TEDxTwinFalls, Spotlight Dance Cup, Small Matters (Boise), and other independent theatrical productions in Idaho.  

She has graced the stage for theatrical productions such as Small Matters, Tarzan, Vagina Monologues, and Jesus Christ Superstar and has been highlighted for her aerial acrobatics at events like Moisture Festival (Seattle), TEDxBoise, Discovery Center of Idaho‚Äôs Annual Gala, Boise Pride Festival, and Magic Valley Folk Festival.

Using modern dance, Mykelle has contributed works to productions at the College of Southern Idaho, Orpheum Theatre, and done other independent choreography around the Northwest. She is also the poster girl for the revolutionary new lift system, the Butterfly Lift, produced by Rock Exotica out of Utah.